...is available by calling the church office, (785) 379-5492 or Pastor Barb's cell phone at (785) 766-4789 or through the adjacent Contact Us section.

If you or a loved one is hospitalized:

Pease call the church office if you are hospitalized or have an emergency.  This is very important because hospitals do not contact the church.  The pastor makes regular hospital visits and will call on you and pray with you.  Please don't hesitate to ask to call the curch office or Pastor Barb's cell phone.

If a loved one passes away:

Please call the church office upon the passing of a loved one or call the Pastor's cell phone.  A very important part of our pastor's ministry is to be with you and your family during the loss of a loved one.  Pastor Barb will offer God's strength and companionship, answer questions, and help you plan a service to celebrate your loved one's life.

If you need someone to talk to:

If you are in need of counseling regarding a spiritual issue, a family matter, or a concern in your life, feel free to contact the church office to set up an appointment with the pastor.

If you are getting married:

Congratulations! Call the church office to check the availability of our sanctuary.  Our pastor will provide premarital counseling and assistance in planning your wedding ceremony.  Contact the church office to schedule an appointment with Pastor Barb.